Veritech Security Employee of the Quarter Q3

Employee of the quarter

Veritech constantly strives to provide the best possible service to our clients, this is only made a reality through our incredible staff who work hard to uphold our values. We'd like to recognise and thank the following staff for their contributions to the company .

Andy Slack

"A great asset to our team!" - Paul Oldridge, MD.

Andy has been nominated as the employee of the Quarter for best performance. Picking up the ball and running with it, whilst taking over a busy portfolio at short notice, he really did jump in the deep end 6 months ago.

Andy has continuously managed the difficult covid portfolio, scheduling, timesheet management, client and site lead liaison. Andy still finds time to jump in on site surveys when available without question. He never complains, always willing to help others whilst they have a very busy schedule themselves.

Well done Andy, a great asset to our team!

Veritech Security Employee of the Quarter