Fairness, Inclusion & Respect

Fairness, Inclusion & Respect

Here at Veritech Systems, we value our people and their contribution to the successful delivery of our services. 

We are proud of the balance and diversity of our workforce and the skills and proficiency our employees offer to our customers.

We actively work with SCHOOL, making all staff aware of the opportunities and our variety of job roles within Veritech Systems.

Each year we invest in training, including new and existing staff and directors, and we provide opportunities which develop the ability of teams within our business. 

Encouraging growth through positive employee engagement.

Veritech, as a security company, understands the importance of promoting fairness, inclusion, and respect in the workplace. By doing so, Veritech can create a positive and productive work environment where all employees feel valued, supported, and motivated to provide the best security services possible. When Veritech's security professionals feel that they are being treated fairly and with respect, they are more likely to be engaged in their work, which can lead to increased efficiency, reliability, and safety. In addition, promoting inclusion and diversity in the workplace can help Veritech attract and retain a wider range of talent, which can lead to a more diverse and inclusive security team that can better serve the needs of clients from different backgrounds. Ultimately, fostering fairness, inclusion, and respect in the workplace can help Veritech deliver better security services and build stronger relationships with its clients.

Veritech is taking several steps to encourage fairness, inclusion, and respect in the workplace, including:

  1. Establish clear policies and procedures that promote a culture of respect and inclusion, and ensure that all employees are aware of these policies and their importance.

  2. Provide training and education to employees on topics such as unconscious bias, cultural competency, and respectful communication, to help them better understand and appreciate diverse perspectives.

  3. Foster an environment where employees feel comfortable speaking up about instances of discrimination or harassment, and ensure that these reports are taken seriously and addressed promptly.

  4. Actively seek out and promote diversity in hiring and promotion decisions, and ensure that all employees have equal opportunities to succeed and advance in the organization.

  5. Encourage and support employee resource groups, such as those for women, LGBTQ employees, or employees from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds, to promote a sense of community and belonging.

  6. Regularly gather feedback from employees on how the company can better support fairness, inclusion, and respect, and use this feedback to inform ongoing efforts to improve the workplace culture.

By taking these steps, Veritech is creating a workplace culture that values and prioritises fairness, inclusion, and respect, which can lead to increased employee engagement, better service for clients, and a stronger, more sustainable business overall.