Mobile Patrols

Deter Crime By Providing Your Site The Presence It Deserves

Mobile Patrols

With mobile controls, your property or construction site maintains a manned presence during vacant hours.

Veritech can provide scheduled and random visits to ensure the perimeter security level is high, all access points are secured and to provide a presence to anyone that may be watching.

What we offer

  • Tailored security solutions designed for your site or property
  • Up to an hour patrol by one of our security guards
  • Full patrols during visits
  • Perimeter security will be checked and maintained
  • A manned presence during vacant hours in case anyone is watching.
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mobile patrols

At Veritech we pride ourselves on providing a variety of benefits with all Mobile Patrols and Alarm Responses

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24/7 Control Room Support

We provide an unbroken chain of communication utilising our own control room. Keeping your business secure around the clock.

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Expert Security Consulting

We build all our security plans directly around your business, providing the most effective possible service.

Alarm Management

Response Officers follow a plan bespoke for you, resetting and arming alarms before investigating and logging the cause.

Perimeter Security Maintained

Response officers work with your existing perimeter security to check and maintain functionality.

On-Going Security Auditing

Don't leave the security of your business up to chance. Let us identify any weak spots so your company stays safe.

Detailed Mobile Patrol Reports

All Mobile Patrols or call out incidents are followed with a full and detailed report, providing clarity and peace of mind.

Speak with one of our security specialists to secure your property or site with mobile controls.

Maximum Visibility, Maximum Deterrence 

Light bar equipped patrol cars make it clear to whoever is watching that the site is protected and guarded around the clock. 

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Lock & Unlock Facility


Let us take the risk.  Your lone workers securing or opening up sites are extremely vulnerable to attack.  Our trained licenced officers can ensure your premises is secure, resetting any alarms that are installed.

Key Holding & Response 

We provide a fast and effective alarm response service, removing the risk to your employees. Our response vehicles are tracked and control room supported officers record attendance, providing an audit trail for your business.

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