Construction Site CCTV Cameras & Security Systems

Construction Sites are continuously evolving sites requiring bespoke security solutions, we have become synonymous with construction site security and specialise a large proportion of our business to providing clients in construction with the best possible solutions.

Bespoke CCTV Protection Systems

We offer a large variety of CCTV options for construction sites dependent on requirements, commonly used are hard-wired 4K PTZ or fixed 1080p which are installed along with UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) backups and 4G mobile connectivity. Hard wired cameras offer advantages over wireless setups such as higher quality and better security and so we recommend using them where possible. While it may seem counter-intuitive, wireless cameras are easily susceptible to cyber-attacks and often aren’t designed to recognise when signals are jammed. As CCTV solutions become more advanced, so do the tools to defeat them.

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Our wired cameras are all installed with anti-tamper technology and send an alert to our 24/7 manned control centre. Each alert is treated as an alarm activation with instant response organised to your site by a security officer.

As with our ethos on all commercial sites, we aim to deter and reduce crime first and foremost, as such integrated PA systems enable us to audio challenge any unwelcomed visitors directly from our control centre. We will advise on police or security guard response once en-route to mitigate potential damage from criminal activity to your site.

Industry Leading CCTV Camera Technology

PTZ cameras offer 360° Pan, Tilt and Zoom ensuring a much larger range of coverage than standard fixed cameras. Our Darkfighter range of PTZ Cameras offers exceptional performance in low light conditions (120dB true WDR) for night-time construction site security and industry-leading 36x optical zoom without affecting image quality. For when complete visibility is needed at night, our thermal image solutions are often used for construction sites, particularly those with high-value items. Thermal imaging cameras open up the ability to easily differentiate permitter beam activations from animals and humans in fog or extreme weather conditions thanks to automated algorithms.

Remote sites don’t need to feel remote. Coupled with a 24 hour control centre and smart tracking technology clients have the ability to access and review cameras remotely from their phone, tablet or PC, providing complete peace of mind their video surveillance is protecting the construction project at hand.

CCTV Cameras are only as strong as the system that manages them, we use high-quality equipment coupled with industry-leading software enabling us to mount over 600 cameras to a site, all manageable via a single location. This can offer great value when used to minimise the use of manned guarding or mobile patrols on a site, all while improving their effectiveness by creating an unbroken chain of communication between each element of security on site.

Temporary Construction Site CCTV Systems

Our years of experience allow us to adapt and plan the security CCTV installation alongside the planned development of your construction project, working closely with your project management team to minimise disruption and maximise your safety. Where required we can supply moveable CCTV towers for highly dynamic and rapidly evolving projects, generators or UPS’s included where needed.

We are committed to providing cost-effective, highly effective remote monitoring to construction companies across London and the Southcoast. To schedule a site survey or request more information on how our security services can benefit you, click the button below.

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