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Intelligent Access Control Security Systems

Stay secure with our Access Control Service

It is essential that your business or property has an access control system. Veritech’s specially designed systems are installed and have regular maintenance checks to ensure they are working efficiently. Access control sytems act as highly efficient replacements for lock and key systems, providing a high tech, secure and modern business image.

Veritech’s full service includes an initial survey, installation and ongoing maintenance. With access control, you are securing your facility.

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Why choose Access Control?

Intelligent and adaptable security for your business or property. Our trained professionals maintain your access control systems providing peace of mind for you. Specially picked with your requirements in mind. Regular maintenance checks maximise the life of the systems.


Right Person. Right Skills. Right Place.


We provide you with the hardware and software to ensure your workers are the right person, with the right skills, in the right place. This can be achieved through worker identification checks, fingerprint bio-metric turnstiles, ANPR Systems and RFID (radio frequency identification) Access Control.

 Our Common installations of Access Control Systems include: 

  • Offices
  • Construction Sites
  • Commercial Sites
  • Manufacturing Businesses 
  • Hazadous working enviroments
  • Data Sensitive Areas
  • Military, Defence and Aerospace industries


Access Control Turnstile Installer
Turnstile Access Control Security System

Bio-Metric Turnstiles

RFID Entry Systems

ANPR Barrier Systems

Bio Metric Turnstile Access Control

Industry leading Bio-Metric identification fitted to heavy duty construction ready turnstiles.

Ideal for construction site controlling, bio-metric turnstiles provide accurate information on times a worker enters or leaves the site. We're able to set up restrictions of entry such as CSCS card holders, Induction verification and a H&S Warning System.

Activated by card or bio-metric, turnstiles can be installed into permanent environments, such as football grounds, corporate offices etc…

Flexible rates over different periods are available so please get in contact for fixed price no obligation quote.

Access Control RFID security pad

We create first-fix RFID access control systems.

Our systems are able to control multiple door entry points around a premises to provide concierge security staff the highest level of control.

RFID systems use access cards that work on proximity readers and then if you hold the required access level – the system will allow you to gain access to the controlled area.

Application can be customised to suit your business and requirements, optional data logging includes time and attendance or dual functionality with both fingerprint access using a biometric read and RFID cards.

ANPR Automated Security Barriers

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) Systems identify vehicle registrations and detail them into a database where more information can be searched for. This system can be used as a monitoring system or a parking system.

ANPR systems are commonly within car parks and high level security premise where vehicle access control is equally important as personnel control.

If you are unsure as to how the system works or how it can be implemented for you – please speak to a Business Development Manager.

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