Protection Of The Public

Protection of the Public

Veritech Systems limited strongly supports the Governments initiative to involve the community in countering terrorist threats.   We encourage all of our staff to carry out the on-line Action Counter terrorism awareness training.

Safer Workplaces

The safety of our staff at work is of a high priority for Veritech Systems Limited. We encourage all of our staff to be fully involved in reduction of workplace violence including the protection of the public.


Countering Child Exploitation

All managers and administrators at Veritech are giving training on child Exploitation awareness. SIA Advice on Child Exploitation can be found here.

Acid Attack Training

Veritech Systems through induction training and on-going safer work place policy we train relevant staff who potentially could be at risk to be aware the threats of Hazardous substance and how to follow required controls to reduce the risk, actions to follow if attached and how to report such a attack: