Veritech Sign The People Matter Charter

Veritech Security is very proud to become the latest signatories to the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s, “People Matter Charter”. At Veritech we believe that this represents a waypoint on our evolving journey, and an indicator of our continued commitment to our people. This commitment forms part of our roadmap to even greater success, through the continued inclusion and improvement of our people, both directly employed, and through our supply chain.

What is the PMC, People Matter Charter?

Key elements in our commitment to the Charter include:

Training and Development – We encourage our staff to take up training and development opportunities.

Wellbeing – Our Managing Director has recently become Mental Health First Aid Trained. This allows us greater flexibility in training more people to have the skills needed to support their colleagues. We believe this vital skills should be taught and expected from all employees, no matter their position.

Supply Chain – People matter in our Supply Chain too. We aim to continually protect human rights in our Supply Chain, and promote their engagement with the Charter.

Employment – We will continue to ensure our employees have the right to work for us. We will maintain our system of full compliance with HMRC legislation, and ensuring that our employees have access to appropriate employment benefits.

Fairness, Inclusion, Respect, Equality & Diversity. We will be continuing our own training on these topics, and encourage our staff and supply chain to access additional resources through the Supply Chain Sustainability School. People issues are vast, yet all connected.

The People Matter Charter was created to help organisations throughout the supply chain, no matter their position. The Charter has eight main commitments which apply to all organisations, of all sizes.

People Matter Charter Security Industry Diagram

Veritech Security aims to benefit from the commitments by:

  • Demonstrate to our clients our commitment to engage and develop our workforce.
  • Increase staff retention.
  • Improve our staff wellbeing and help decrease absenteeism.
  • Improve our supply chain resilience.
  • Adapt to the needs of an evolving security industry
  • Collaborate within the security industry to improve labour standards across the value chain

The Managing Director, Paul Oldridge, has completed the relevant courses has signed the commitment form and is now a signatory on the PMC Charter.

Please feel free to contact Paul direct should you have any questions, views or simply want to get involved.

People Matter Charter Badge