Key Holding Services


Our key holding service is available for all industries. Veritech holds the keys, codes or access instructions at your local Veritech office. Once provided we can gain access to your property or site when required.

Reliable access control

Veritech key holding service provides many attractive security solutions:

  • Maintain access control to the property or construction site.
  • A time framework of our response.
  • Access control while you’re away.
  • Alarm response services and 24/7 monitoring
  • Security patrol of the premises

We understand that sometimes you cannot always open the doors to your business or property. This is why our key holding service is perfect for maintaining regular access control to your site or property.


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Our Key Holding Service

Alarm Codes, Door & Window Keys.

Our SIA qualified guards are able to open up and lock down your property before and after a days work, whether during the week or out of hours. Our key holders will be fully trained on your premises and the unique requirements you might have. In addition to locking and unlocking, guards can be trained to fire systems, CCTV systems, access control systems electrical systems which may need powering up before workers arrive each morning.


24/7 Keyholding and Alarm Response

Should an alarm activation occur our security officers will follow guidelines agreed between you and our security team, preventing damaging occurring and resetting alarm systems. We're able to work closely with your alarm company or handle requests directly to our 24/7 control centre.


Half Hour On Site

 Our guards are able to conduct full security patrols on site while locking up or opening up. They will follow a pre-arranged route if required using a checkpoint system which is monitored by our 24/7 control centre. You will receive a full report daily or red flags only dependent on the level of information requested. Tailoring our security package around your requirements and business needs is how Veritech Systems continues to provide exemplary customer service.

Sign Boards Provided

At request of the customer warning sign boards can be placed around the site, alerting any potential intruders attempting to gain access the site is watched by security guards and mobile security patrols.

Our Keyholding service is bespoke to you, consult with one of our security experts today and find out why we're in the top 10% of UK security companies.