24/7 Control Centre

Highly Trained Staff Paired With Cutting Edge Technology
CCTV being monitored by Control Room

Unbroken Chain of Communication

From guard to response, from engineer to control staff, an unbroken chain of communication provides the highest level of security to our clients. Out sourcing creates opportunities for miscommunication and call out delays, our own 24/7 manned control centre ensures the right response, every time.

Live Feed Monitored

Our state of the art HiK Vision CCTV camera's aren't just recording evidence, all sites are actively monitored by our highly trained operators. Not just deterring crime, but actively preventing it and limiting potential damage when it occurs.


Absolute Security with HiK Vision Technology


Our 24/7 control centre is crucial to providing the highest level of security, allowing us to integrate all our cutting edge technology in to one seamless system. With every security package we provide, you can be confident in the full support provided by our highly trained staff protecting your business like our own. Veritech Connectivity includes:

  •  Perimeter Beam Security Systems
  •  Facial Recognition HiK CCTV
  •  RFID Operated Access Control
  •  Highly Trained Response Officers and Permanent Guards
CCTV Manned Guarding and Perimeter Control

" Veritech systems have provided our project with 24 hour security, CCTV and motion sensors and access control. The service that they have given has been exemplary, from the standard of guards through to emergency call outs. I would highly recommend their service and would have no hesitation with obtaining their services in the future. "

Wates Group