How an RFID system can enhance your security guard patrols


An RFID Checkpoint system enables guards to log their movements around a site, providing security for the guard and peace of mind for the client. The reports generated can be tailored to suit the requirements of the site owner and the route tailored to focus on potential weak spots within the guarded premises.


What is an RFID Checkpoint System?


An RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Checkpoint System, also known as a Diester, is a route monitoring device which allows security guards to ‘sign in’ at various pre-planned points throughout a site. There are multiple systems available commercially, we personally like the Vanguard 8 Patrol System by JWM due to its robustness in bad weather (To be expected in the UK) and the two switchable reading distance modes.


How Does it Work?


JWM Rfid Reader and docking station

The RFID Checkpoint system will comprise of two components, a docking station and the handheld reader. A guard simply swipes the reader over the pre-installed checkpoints positioned around the site which then records the time, date and checkpoint number. At the end of a patrol this can be passed back to the office staff who will then download the recorded information in the form of an excel spreadsheet.

Checkpoint readers sometimes have adjustable range, the Vanguard 8 has both 2.4Ghz and 125Khz modes with the former providing a reading distance of up to 30 meters. The distance is controlled by the RFID tags and not the patrol reader which is a feature we particularly like, it means that guards can’t switch modes and record data from distances inappropriate to the site in question.

Guard Patrol Scanner being used in 125khz mode

The number of checkpoints and the route itself can be extended and customized around the guards patrolling activities. The data collector will record each site by its unique number and the management software will use this to ensure the patrol is recorded in the correct order.


Benefits of a guard checkpoint patrol system


The benefits of a guard tour patrol system can be broken down into 3 main categories, clients, guards and security controllers.

The main benefit is for clients and why this system is important to us. It allows us to evidence each site visit and that certain areas of the business were physically inspected and checked. This is particularly important with Mobile patrols, often part of corporate concierge or access control contracts, where patrols can be random and not often validated by a member of staff on site. The benefit for the client is not just peace of mind that their site is secure, it also helps build trust and displays a high level of transparency which is key to building a lasting relationship.

A guard patrol system provides evidence for guards that they are doing as instructed and provides them an extra level of safety should there be any confusion over their login time and attendance. On larger sites, it helps with creating a memorable route, important when a guard can be attending over 10 sites per day.

Finally, for a security controller, it provides a back-up to logs and trackers (which often can’t accurately predict the location in bad coverage areas like a shopping centre) that both the guard is doing their job correctly and also protection should any legal issues arise following the worst case scenario of a security breach. As the data is stored locally and not over a mobile phone network you can rely on it even if other systems fail.

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