12 security tips to have a safer Christmas

The countdown to Christmas begins! So make sure your security solutions are prepared for the winter months. security

Hampshire Constabulary have issued some interesting methods on ways to prevent being a victim of crime during the festive holidays. The winter months should be a festive and exciting period for all, so if you notice anything suspicious, act first and call your emergency services.

What to do during the Christmas shop…

  • Park your car in a well-lit car park – try and find one that is attended or displays the Park Mark logo.     
  • Keep your bag on you at  all times. Even if you leave it in a trolley for a few seconds.
  • Lock all doors and close all windows in your car – it’s a simple precaution that is often forgotten.
  • Shield your bank card PINS . Make sure it can’t be seen.
  • Avoid leaving purchases in your vehicle. If you need to keep them in your car, keep them out of sight and in the boot.                      
  • Use your card rather than carrying cash.
  • Close your handbags, pockets and wallets.   
  • Consider buying security solutions for your products. (e.g. D lock for bikes).

Over the past week, Portsmouth has been subjected to 20 car break-ins over the space of one evening. Out of the vast number, only one was induced to theft as well as vandalism. A small amount of £4 was taken from the vehicle. This shows that crime can be committed on all scales of theft.

Make Christmas a time for giving… Not for taking!

We have compiled a few precautions that you should take over the festive period! However, these work best with the right security solution!

Festive lighting can compromise your security

Many homes and business properties show their festive cheer through outdoor Christmas lighting and decorations. However, often the leads and cables feed through the window cracks. This leaves enough room for a criminal to push the window open and break into your property. When it comes to outdoor lighting, opt for solar or battery operated lights or alternatively install electrical outdoor lighting.

Dispose of your gift packaging carefully

Bin collection times vary over the festive period, therefore you should plan when you are going to dispose of your rubbish. If you have gift boxes that show the item you have on the boxes cover, you are openly showing onlookers what your home contains. For example, the latest Play Station will be attractive to onlookers, and they will be aware your property stores it if you have the packaging.

Shred it

Shred all paperwork and receipts to protect your identity. But be careful not to shred any warranty details!

Secure garages and sheds

Make sure you don’t leave any tools or ladders lying around. This could be used to gain access to your property! Make sure all garages and sheds are properly secured and locked. Furthermore, make sure your possessions are left immobile in case entry occurs. Garages are often the desired place to hide the Christmas presents – which burglars are well aware of!

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