Veritech Security Partners With Solent University

Solent University Guarded by Veritech Security Guards

We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Solent University, a leader in higher education, known for its commitment to creating a safe and secure environment for its students, faculty, and staff.

At Veritech Security, we have been awarded the contract to provide security services for the Solent campus, a commitment we take with utmost seriousness and pride. This exciting development is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our unique approach to campus security and showcase our highly-trained, dedicated manned guards.

Taking on the Solent University contract has been a complex, yet invigorating process, due to the diverse requirements involved. By assigning dedicated officers to this contract, we have ensured timely response to calls, with officers fully versed in the unique demands of their role on this campus. To further boost their capabilities, we have allocated additional training to our in-house response units to handle worst-case scenarios should the onsite officers require backup or assistance with additional security staff on call.

The focus has always been on aligning with Solent University's values and delivering a top-tier service that exceeds expectations. Regular meetings have been held with the university staff to ensure our client’s values align with our own, so that all parties are up-to-date and confident in the value of the services we provide.

The Solent University team has been incredibly cooperative throughout this transition, allowing for a smooth handover process. They have been proactive in ensuring the availability of their personnel to cover all aspects involved, highlighting their dedication to maintaining a secure campus environment.

We're excited to bring our robust security expertise to Solent University, helping safeguard the next generation of leaders as they learn, grow, and thrive.