Where should I place CCTV Cameras?

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Where should I place CCTV Cameras?   Many business owners opt for CCTV video surveillance, to protect their employees, customers and valuables from costly theft. CCTV systems can catch movements and internal or external thefts. However, they can only capture these on video if they are placed correctly. With any recording device, they have to be set up to point at their target, otherwise, they capture the insignificant surrounding area. A good CCTV system has to be matched by a …

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Veritech security stop two men during attempted burglary

Security stop burglars

Security patrol drivers from Veritech came in close contact with burglars in the early hours of this morning. Upon driving past a decommissioned site at the end of the night, two security specialists noticed suspicious activities happening on an old site manned by Veritech. The patrollers investigated the site, by initially checking the perimeter security. During their inspection, six TVs were found stacked down the side of the site. Within minutes the patrollers spotted two males exiting the rear of the …

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Armed Forces Covenant signed By Veritech Systems Ltd

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                  Veritech Systems are proud to have signed the Armed Forces Covenant, to honour the Armed Forces Covenant and support the Armed Forces community. We recognise the value Serving Personnel, both Regular and Reservists Veterans and Military families contribute to our business and our country. The first duty of Government is the defence of the realm. Our Armed Forces fulfil that responsibility on behalf of the Government, sacrificing some civilian freedoms, facing danger and, …

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Weatherproof thermographic PoE camera

PoE camera

Veritech Systems have now introduced PoE camera (Thermal Imaging camera), able to detect heat and movement at long range. The system double up as CCTV and Fire detection. Thermal. Dual. Decentralized. Weatherproof thermographic PoE camera for detection plus a 6 MP sensor module for identification The modular design of the M15 system platform ensures maximum flexibility for the MOBOTIX thermographic camera. The M15-Thermal comes standard with a thermal image sensor and a dummy module (to remain weatherproof to IP66). In …

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