Your Security Company and Vacant Property Protection

A property can be vacant for a number of reasons; the fact is, you want it to be in the condition it was in when you left it when you return to it. Unfortunately, criminals are drawn to vacant properties and you run the risk of your property being damaged or vandalised. Your security company will offer a variety of methods to ensure that a vacant property is kept secure.

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Perimeter Security

A security company will secure all points of egress on your property. This will ensure that criminals are unable to enter the property.  Veritech Systems security company uses perforated, galvanised steel fastened with security screws. These screws can only be removed by our specialists to ensure that even the most dedicated of criminals can’t access your property.

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Alarm Systems

For an extra layer of protection, your security company can install PIR systems on the property. This ensures that if an intrepid criminal does make it onto the property, they can be dealt with quickly. Security staff is trained in de-escalating situations, so it pays to have trained professionals on hand.

Nightly Patrols

For an extra layer of protection to a property, your security company will offer nightly patrols. Nightly patrols allow you to benefit from a human presence on the site. This will often act as a deterrent for any criminal attempting to break onto the property during the night. Criminals are largely opportunistic by nature; nightly patrols, especially if compounded with additional CCTV, criminals will likely not take the risk of entering the property.

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