Veritech Security Officers of the Month – November

Employees of the month

Veritech constantly strives to provide the best possible service to our clients, this is only made a reality through our incredible staff who work hard to uphold our values. We'd like to recognise and thank the following staff for their contributions to the company .

Security Officer of the Month November

Cyril Ouatara 

Meet Cyrill Ouatara, our Officer of the Month for November. Cyrill is know as the happiest officer on site, always will to help anybody and always does so with a smile. Cyrill will adapt to any position or requirement as soon as asked, with no objections at all. Cyrill is a shining example of the ethics and morals embedded by the SIA

Veritech Security Officer of the Month

Russel White

This is Russell White, our Supervisor of the Month for November. Whilst on duty a member of the public collapsed and began seizing just outside of Russell’s place of work. Russell immediately administered life saving first aid to the person, who had no history of seizures. Russell made sure they were safe and monitored his vitals until paramedics arrived and took them to hospital. Without Russell’s immediate action the outcome may have been entirely different. Thank you for your outstanding work Russell!

Veritech Security Supervisor of the Month

Veritech Security Supervisor of the Month