Veritech join the government’s Prompt Payment Code

The prompt payment code is a government initiative which is viewed as the gold standard for payment practices. Veritech have joined as a commitment to our suppliers and a demonstration of the values we uphold.

From our customers’ perspective, we hope it inspires confidence that Veritech Systems Ltd adopts good practice within our supply chain while showing we share the same values as you, with many of our customers now also signed up to the Code. You can view our signature and check your current supplier on the small business commissioner website.

Prompt Payment Logo

“Veritech Systems knows the importance of receiving timely payment from customers and always pay all of our suppliers on time.  We recognise the important role our suppliers play in enabling us to deliver our services and this partnership approach has contributed significantly to the growth we’ve experienced in recent years.  As a result, we are pleased to sign up to the Prompt Payment Code and in doing so, demonstrate the value we place on our suppliers and our commitment to making prompt payment.”

Paul Oldridge
Managing Director, Veritech Systems Ltd