Our Plant Charter Commitment

We are proud to announce that Veritech Security has become the 17th signatory of the Supply Chain Sustainability School's Plant Charter, marking a significant milestone as the first security company in the UK to join this initiative. The Plant Charter represents a collective commitment among supporting organisations to significantly reduce their carbon emissions, aligning perfectly with our ongoing efforts to enhance sustainability within the security sector.

The Plant Charter, developed by the Supply Chain Sustainability School's plant group, is a testament to the industry's collective resolve to address the urgent need for reduced carbon emissions. It outlines a series of commitments that signatories must adhere to, focusing on reducing the environmental impact of their operations and promoting sustainable practices.

Paul Oldridge, Managing Director of Veritech Systems, has been a vocal advocate for integrating sustainability and innovation into our core business strategy. "Our business places a strong emphasis on understanding and managing environmental impacts while also prioritising sustainability and innovation," he stated. This approach is not just about adhering to responsible business practices; it's about positioning Veritech Security as a leader in offering clean, efficient solutions for construction projects, thereby providing our clients with value that extends beyond security.

Paul further emphasised the importance of a unified approach to sustainability across the supply chain. "Partnering with organisations like the Supply Chain Sustainability School is crucial for aligning with best practices and promoting sustainability throughout the industry," he remarked. By signing the Plant Charter, Veritech Security not only demonstrates our leadership and commitment to positive change but also encourages others within the sector to embark on a similar path of sustainability.

This partnership and commitment to the Plant Charter highlight our proactive stance in reinforcing sustainability within our operations and the broader industry. It's a step that not only underlines our dedication to environmental responsibility but also sets a new standard for the security and construction sectors to follow. We believe that through such initiatives, we can contribute to a more sustainable, efficient, and responsible supply chain ecosystem, ultimately benefiting our planet and future generations.

Join us in this important journey towards sustainability. By working together, we can make a significant impact and drive the industry towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.