Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week

Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week at Veritech Security

National Apprenticeship Week is an excellent opportunity to highlight the practical experiences apprentices gain in the workforce. At Veritech Security, we take pride in our apprenticeship programme, designed to equip employees with the skills needed in the security industry. This year, we're featuring feedback from two of our apprentices integral to the Veritech team, Eloise and Dominik, who have shared their honest experiences and growth during their time with us.

Eloise Reflects on Her Apprenticeship Experience

Eloise embarked on her apprenticeship journey with us in September and has quickly become a valued member of the team. She's immersed herself in the crucial aspects of vetting and onboarding processes, gaining essential skills for employment in the security sector. Her role extends beyond these foundational tasks, encompassing a comprehensive understanding of Veritech's operations, from HR practices to day-to-day operational running.

Part of Eloise's apprenticeship involves participating in meetings,  taking minutes, and enhancing her writing skills. This exposure to different business areas not only broadens her knowledge but also builds her confidence, particularly in conducting interviews—a task she enjoys for the insights it provides into human resources and the development of interpersonal skills.

Since joining us in September, Eloise has quickly adapted to her role, "I have thoroughly enjoyed my apprenticeship so far at Veritech. Since starting in September, I have learned the vetting and onboarding process, which is an important skill to have when employing people. I have also learned how all Veritech systems work, whether that is regarding HR or operations." Eloise shared.

The positive office environment has been a significant factor in her experience. "Working in the office is great, the people I work with are fun and down to earth and make you feel comfortable, I am very grateful to be working with such a great team of people and the support they have given me is amazing." she added.

Dominik's Technical Learning Journey

Dominik's apprenticeship has taken him into the technical heart of Veritech Security, where he's honed his skills in networking, server maintenance, and the intricacies of digital infrastructure like Cat5 cabling and router configurations. He's progressed well on to more complex topics such as VPN setup and management which has equipped him with critical skills for the evolving demands of security technology. 

"I've been getting hands-on with the technical side of things, which has been both challenging and rewarding." Dominik noted.

The collaborative atmosphere has made his learning experience enjoyable and productive. Dom went on to tell us that "the office atmosphere is open and fun, and I enjoy working with both the Ops and Engineering teams. Overall, it's been a great learning experience, and I appreciate the supportive environment at Veritech." 

Our Commitment to Apprenticeships

Veritech Security views apprenticeships as a crucial part of our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering professional growth. The direct experiences shared by Eloise and Dominik underscore the value of our apprenticeship program, combining practical work with a supportive learning environment.

As Paul Oldridge, Managing Director commented "National Apprenticeship Week reminds us of the importance of apprenticeships, we're proud of the contributions Eloise and Dominik have made to our team. Their journey with Veritech Security highlights the mutual benefits of the scheme, providing valuable industry skills to the apprentices and fresh perspectives to our company."

We look forward to seeing Eloise and Dom continue to progress, and hope to continue supporting others within the security industry.