How to Effectively Train Security Staff

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The first step in training security staff is a realistic plan. You might have a great plan in mind, but in order to achieve success, you need a budget to match. The costs of any relevant courses, training activities and or exercises must be tailored for each individual job.


Once the budget has been agreed and is out of mind, set out your work plan. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish with your training and how you are going to go about achieving it; Do you need a venue? Is there a deadline? Are your trainees all on the same level of learning? Make sure you keep on track by including key events in your plan such as meetings and training events.


All Veritech Security Guards will be put through various courses, making sure it’s relevant for the job in hand.

First Aid Training

Fire Marshall Training

SIA Training 

Traffic Marshall Training


If applicable to your training, ensure your trainees are ready for the process of applying for an SIA licence. Do they have the documents required? Are they prepared for their background checks? Do they have the right to work in the UK? If you or your trainees are concerned about the application process, point them in the direction of to help them get the information they require.


Now, the training. Train your staff using the training plan you have perfectly tailored to your company. It could be worth conducting realistic simulations of situations your new staff could find themselves in, to allow you to gage how they may react under stress or in a potentially dangerous situation. Make note of when things go wrong so you are able to learn from the experiences.


Once the training is complete, take time to reflect on how things went. Continuous improvement can be made from each training session you do, allowing the company and its employees to positively grow.


Veritech has trained 100’s of security guards over the years, deploying them to sites across Southampton and the wider Hampshire, Dorset areas.  Learn more below. Veritech Manned Guarding Button