Uniform Tax Rebate for Security Employees

For anyone wearing a uniform at work, you are eligible to claim a tax rebate for the last 5 years. This applies, in particular, to the security industry. Whether it is a full guard uniform or a branded T-Shirt, you can claim. You can also do it yourself very easily, so there is no need to pay a claims firm or use online services.

To be eligible for a rebate you must:

  • Wear a recognisable uniform.
  • Be required to wear it while working.
  • Paid tax in the year you are claiming for.
  • Purchase, clean, repair or replace it yourself.
  • Not be paid additional cleaning costs already by your employer.

An important thing to note is you cannot claim for any PPE you wear, this should be provided by your employer free of charge or you should be asked to purchase it and then paid back any costs.

How much will I get?

The standard rate is £12 tax relief per year, which totals £60 over five years. Higher rate tax bands will receive more and so will specific occupations listed on the government website here. 


Use this government tool to check if you can claim expenses online and to then file your claim.