The role of Private Security Firms in the eyes of the Police

The Role of Private Security Firms in the eyes of the Police

With police cuts being made country wide, it is as important as ever for companies and home owners to be on their A-game with security.

It is up to companies like us at Veritech to ensure that we are
providing the best security operatives and technology as possibly can. In times like these, it makes us
wonder what the relationship is between private security firms and the police. According to the SRI
(Security Research Initiative) 2017, 4 in 10 of the 1,000+ interviewed police officers believed that
security firms act as the eyes and ears of the police.
One police respondent who contributed to the SRI Report has stated that they believe security
personnel with thorough training and good CCTV capabilities play a great role in protecting the
public, as they are able to prevent minor incidents from escalating into serious ones and keep police
intervention at bay when possible. 79% of those who participated in the SRI Report agree that the
CCTV images private security firms are able to produce are essential to tackling crime, particularly
rural forces. The report is clear in stating that private security is believed to be of high importance at
festivals, major sporting events and during the night-time economy.
Following on from the recently updated UK Counter Terrorism Strategy, there is a greater expectation
on the private security industry to contribute to acting towards the 4ps; Prevent, Pursue, Protect and
Prepare. However, it must be recognised that the private security sector has already been doing a
fine job of preserving the safety of civilians and their private property as well as public property
through guarding and security technology. Whilst police cuts have made it difficult for there to be a
maintained presence, our guards and stewards have remained there.