Carbon Footprint Reducing Security Solutions for Businesses

In the corporate world, balancing security with environmental responsibility is becoming increasingly important. At Veritech Security, we specialise in providing security solutions that not only safeguard your business premises but also support your sustainability goals. Let’s explore how your business can benefit from eco-friendly security measures.Why Sustainable Security for Businesses?For businesses, choosing eco-friendly security systems is not just an environmental choice, but a strategic one. These systems often consume less energy, leading to lower operational costs. Additionally, sustainable practices resonate …

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Protecting Residents During Construction

Residential Apartment Block Undergoing Construction Remediation

Safeguarding Construction Sites and Residents: The Importance of SecurityWhen we think about construction, we often think about the transformation of spaces, the creation of new structures, or the renovation of existing ones. However, the process of construction brings with it certain security challenges that need to be addressed, both for the site itself and the surrounding residential areas. At Veritech Security, we specialise in providing robust security solutions that ensure not just the safety of your construction site, but also …

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How To Keep Your Business Secure This ChristmasIt’s been a challenging year for all businesses, the pandemic continues to make normal operations a challenge along with the unique effects this has had on each industry. For some, this has led to vacant buildings and sites, or those open may have a far reduced workforce as many continue working from home.Consider Mobile Patrols for your BusinessMobile patrols provide a cost-effective presence for your premises at Christmas, able to conduct routine checks …

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How to Secure a Vacant Commercial Property


Vacant Commercial Property SecurityOver the past year, more commercial properties have been left empty for long periods of time. Regardless of what your property is usually used for, it is essential to protect a commercial property while vacant to ensure it doesn’t suffer break-ins, vandalism or fire leading to costly repairs and expensive delays. By following these tips listed below, you’ll be able to secure your empty commercial property to reduce the risk of crime and damage. CCTV CamerasCCTV is one …

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Uniform Tax Rebate for Security Employees

For anyone wearing a uniform at work, you are eligible to claim a tax rebate for the last 5 years. This applies, in particular, to the security industry. Whether it is a full guard uniform or a branded T-Shirt, you can claim. You can also do it yourself very easily, so there is no need to pay a claims firm or use online services. To be eligible for a rebate you must: Wear a recognisable uniform. Be required to wear …

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GDPR Requirements for Business CCTV – 2020

GDPR Requirements for Business CCTV, Bullet CCTV Camera

  CCTV is essential for commercial surveillance and security. A store break-in, employee emergency, health scare, or any other significant event could occur when you’re not looking. Only CCTV can catch everything the moment it happens. Getting started with video surveillance requires more than just installing a few cameras. There are also strict compliance regulations you need to follow. One of those compliance concerns is GDPR. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It’s one of the most recent, and most …

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