Our FIR Ambassador Achieves Silver Level

Paul Oldridge recently reaches 'Silver' level as part of the FIR Ambassador Scheme

Reaching the Silver level in FIR (Fairness, Inclusion, & Respect) represents a significant accomplishment for Veritech’s Managing Director. Veritech Security currently holds 'Gold' at a company level, and training our key staff alongside this has been a continual journey of improvement. 

Through School Supply Chain Sustainability, FIR Ambassadors promote a culture marked by Fairness, Inclusion, and Respect within their organisations. They have the responsibility of exemplifying FIR principles through encouraging collaboration, intervening when needed, addressing difficult behaviours, and cultivating a positive workplace environment.

The strategic significance of FIR Ambassadors lies in their role in bolstering workplace culture to strengthen the organisation's capacity to attract, develop, and retain exceptional talent. They demonstrate a steadfast commitment to FIR values to employees, potential recruits, clients, and other stakeholders, thereby nurturing the development and expertise of individuals within the organisation.

Paul Olrdidge, Managing Director said “Becoming a Silver level FIR Ambassador has been an immensely valuable experience thus far. It's gratifying to step back and observe the broader perspective and cultural shifts within Veritech Systems. Incorporating FIR into our meetings, policies, and procedures has significantly enhanced comprehension of FIR and its advantages for all staff within the company”.