Why keyholding services are crucial for the security of your business.

Key-Holding-Alarm-Response-940x250Not everyone can monitor the security of their business premises 24/7 and even CCTV cannot prevent some incidents. If the needs of your business require immediate intervention then key holding is a must for an around the clock, urgent response.

Let’s say that you have a reported break-in on your business premises. The contents of any confidential files would be at risk. The loss could be disastrous for your business. You could lose industry reputation or even consumer trust. CCTV cameras can document the event for potential prosecution but an immediate response in person is required to intervene further. Hopefully containing the issue from any further damage. Furthermore leaving the responsibility of securing premises to a company employee can be incredibly risky. Employees could easily forget or fail to operate the alarm system after a long demanding day in the office.

Hiring dedicated and professionally organised around the clock security expertise would certainly minimise the risk.


Veritech keyholders can respond rapidly to any break-ins. We can be there in the event of a serious incident, co-operate with the appropriate authorities and produce detailed reports about any action taken.

Our key holding service complies with all required security industry regulations. All of our staff operate in a courteous and professional manner when on site. Veritech staff can demonstrate their industry expertise accordingly and coordinate with local law enforcement agencies and all relevant parties when and where appropriate.


Veritech keyholding services provide:


–   A time framework of our response.

–   Access control while you’re away.

–   Alarm response and monitoring.

–   Security patrol of the premises.

–   Competitive pricing.


We can offer our varied keyholding services starting as low as £99 a year and they can be tailored to suit your individual business demands.

For any more details about our key holding services please give us a call at any of our regional offices located near you: