ACS SIA Audit – Veritech Reaches Top 3%

Veritech Systems has completed its recent SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) audit, achieving an astounding score of 130 out of 145.

Achieving such a result, even improving on our previous year, is astounding given the obvious challenges we have all faced in recent months. First and foremost it’s a direct result of the incredible work put in by our staff, maintaining the Veritech standards and ethos even in radically different working environments.

Being officially recognised as within the top 3% of all UK security companies has made us all immensely proud. Our client-first mentality and constant desire to re-evaluate and improve our processes is a big driving factor in this achievement. No matter how big or how small, we constantly ask ourselves how we can improve our service for clients and the working environment for staff.

 “I am delighted to announce that not only did we pass, we also managed to gain further points, which now puts us in the top 3%, but we could also, therefore say that we are amongst the top 21 ACS approved companies in the UK. We are extremely proud to have been awarded such a high score by our Auditors and the Security Industry Authority. Our score is well-deserved recognition for the hard work and professionalism our employees deliver to our clients all day, every day. This award is for every single employee from the management team to our guards and engineers on the ground and we look forward to improving our score again in 2022."

Paul Oldridge
Managing Director, Veritech Systems

The recent ACS score also demonstrates to our customers our commitment to meeting and exceeding all regulatory standards. Instead of treating each audit as a checkbox process, we use it as an opportunity to drive the quality of our service higher.

Thank you to all our clients, staff, and security partners for what has been an incredibly rewarding audit.