How To Keep Your Business Secure This Christmas

It's been a challenging year for all businesses, the pandemic continues to make normal operations a challenge along with the unique effects this has had on each industry. For some, this has led to vacant buildings and sites, or those open may have a far reduced workforce as many continue working from home.

Consider Mobile Patrols for your BusinessSecurity Patrol Vehicle inspecting building Southampton

Mobile patrols provide a cost-effective presence for your premises at Christmas, able to conduct routine checks and searches throughout to ensure all other security measures are working correctly. Often a mobile security guard will provide a detailed report for each, which can be tailored to the individual client to provide peace of mind where it matters. When looking for a supplier for mobile patrols, key points to consider are whether they are tracked, have direct access to backup, 4G PTT links to the control room, and for a bigger site, using patrol gun 'check in' points providing the control room and client a clear picture of the inspections taking place.

Lock & Unlock Keyholding

Over Christmas, it's common to have a reduced amount of office staff, a lock and unlock service ensures your business is open and ready for a day's work without the worry of keys being missing. Often a lock and unlock service will include a clear checklist that is carefully created between the client and provider, checking important processes have been completed, along with ensuring all other security measures are functioning correctly. On the other side, this allows staff to go home early when required, and without concern about who will follow the closing procedures, you can rest assured a trained guard is on their way to safely close and secure your business.

Update your list of Keyholders Guard Unlocking a Business Gate

You may have to change your list of designated keyholders over Christmas, as staff requirements change and many will be using their holiday. If so, it's important to update your CCTV, Security, and Alarm companies (Or ideally one company that provides an all-in security solution).

Make yourself look busy!

We know you're working extremely hard over Christmas, but often that's not clear to those on the outside. Ensuring lights are kept on, cars are in car parks and guards are on-site will make it clear to them too.

Ensure your CCTV, Access Control and Security Lights are working

Many crimes against businesses over Christmas are opportunistic, ensuring all security measures are clearly working, signed along with doors locked will deter those looking for easy pickings.

Consider upgrading your CCTV to 24/7 Monitoring

While many businesses take time off, for security companies Christmas is the same as any other. We provide affordable 24/7 Monitoring to those who are looking for a simple add-on to their overall security package.

Hire a Security Guard for Christmas

The most effective security solution is a physical deterrent, hiring a security guard over Christmas ensures your business is as protected as possible, along with the fastest possible method to inform the Police of any issues on your site. A security guard can also work in a more corporate role to provide front-of-house concierge when other staff may be at home enjoying the festivities.

We're securing businesses like yours across the UK.

From keyholding to large corporate clients with sites across the UK, Veritech Security is an all-in security solutions provider. Whether it be CCTV, Security Guards, Mobile Patrols, Monitoring, or Access Control. We're a security provider you can rely on.