CCTV Security Will Save You Money

It’s quite clear that CCTV can help to prevent your business from vandals and thieves, but did you know that it can save you money too? A good, well-placed CCTV security system is a one-off investment that is likely to result in you saving more of your revenue in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can benefit from a new CCTV Security system.

cctv security

CCTV Security Remote Access

One of the most interesting things about modern CCTV security systems is their ability to be controlled remotely. This means that a security team can make a judgement on whether or not a situation requires a physical presence judging from the CCTV footage. This will save you a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on manpower. This is particularly ideal for vacant lots, as you needn’t waste money having your employees patrol a property that isn’t even in use.

CCTV Security Saves You Money on Insurance Premiums

Asides from the invaluable peace of mind that a decent security system affords you, it can also save you money on your insurance premiums. If you find that your property has been burglarised or vandalised, it’s possible that your insurance will cover the cost of the damages. If your building lacks proper security measures, you’re more likely to have to pay for it yourself. CCTV security can also save you money on your insurance premiums; insurance companies are likely to offer better prices to companies that have taken an active role in keeping their building secure. This is because it shows a willingness to protect your own belongings, and decreases the possibility that you will need an insurance pay-out in the future.

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Encourage Employees to Work Harder

CCTV security isn’t just designed to work as a tool against burglars and vandals. It can also help your employees to work more productively. Studies suggest that employees that feel safe and secure in their place of work are likely to work more effectively. Also, while no employer wants to think that their employees are slacking off when they’re not around, CCTV can also provide you with some issues to address at an employee’s next performance review.

Reduce Losses through Theft and Damage

Granted, this is the obvious one. Theft and vandalism to your office building or building site can be extremely expensive to rectify. Also in, for example, the construction industry, the time lost on a project due to theft or vandalism can cost you money in and of itself. CCTV security acts as an extremely effective deterrent. Also, due to the rapid advancement in CCTV technology, cameras can often capture the face of the intruder. This makes for valuable secondary evidence if you need to prosecute in the future.

Value For Money

CCTV security systems offer incredible value for money. This is because they mitigate the need for manpower, which is inherently more expensive long-term. They can also be bought or rented, depending on your needs and budget. Coupling your CCTV with an alarm system is also a particularly effective deterrent for potential trespassers.

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