Where should I place CCTV Cameras?

Where should I place CCTV Cameras?


Many business owners opt for CCTV video surveillance, to protect their employees, customers and valuables from costly theft. CCTV systems can catch movements and internal or external thefts. However, they can only capture these on video if they are placed correctly.

With any recording device, they have to be set up to point at their target, otherwise, they capture the insignificant surrounding area. A good CCTV system has to be matched by a good setup, and by that, we mean where it is placed.

This article aims to help business owners gather a better understanding of where to place their CCTV systems.


Identify your businesses vulnerable areas

This can be anything from an area that lacks visibility to an unsecured entry point. Poorly illuminated areas are often targeted as an entry point for theft to take place, because of the lack of visibility. Vulnerable areas include a place where a large quantity of money is kept. Businesses can design their CCTV systems to surveillance the businesses vulnerable areas and to act as a deterrent to onlookers.


Evaluate appropriate placements CCTV systems

Often before a theft takes place, the intruders will often survey the perimeter security, so they can evaluate the best access point. If they find that all the vulnerable access points are being monitored by CCTV systems, it will act as a deterrent.

Suggested placements around your business:

  • Places holding sensitive documents
  • Places holding the safe or money
  • Entry points/Access points
  • Walkways

REMEMBER privacy laws are in place! Here’s where you cannot place CCTV systems:

  • Dressing rooms
  • Exam rooms
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Locker Rooms
  • Restrooms

By placing your CCTV systems internally and externally you can monitor staff, customers, and on-goers.


CCTV systems need a professional setup

Make sure your CCTV systems are properly installed and professionally handled. Over time we’ve noticed some disastrous security setups. The most common setup mistakes include:

  • Improper camera placement – businesses should make sure there is a strong wifi connection where they intend to set up their CCTV systems, as well as a clear view of the monitored area. Avoid places of decreased visibility, such as obstacles (i.e. trees) or bright lights.
  • Lack of remote access capabilities – business owners should be able to monitor their CCTV systems from anywhere at any times, using a computer or mobile device.
  • Lack of coverage – multiple CCTV systems can ensure that all areas are covered, whilst monitoring high-risk areas.
  • Weak or no password security –  Businesses should ALWAYS password-protect all surveillance systems, to prevent cyber attacks.

A good quality CCTV system can prevent loss and serve as a valuable asset to your business, but only when it is installed correctly. Avoid making costly mistakes that could compromise your businesses security. Choose a trusted security provider.

By choosing Veritech you can trust that your business security is in safe hands. Working with you, our specialists will design the perfect security plan and survey your perimeter security for FREE. For more information talk to one of our security experts, by calling 02380 000 400 or Contact Us