Why Your Business Needs an Alarm System

Why Your Business Needs an Alarm System

Crime has been on the rise in Hampshire for a few years now. A decent alarm system could be the only thing protecting your premises. Only last year there were reports of Hampshire county having the highest crime in the entire country. A recent story of how a teenager targeted vulnerable elderly citizens in the town of Romsey is still leaving the community in shock. We even reported in our last blog about how rural countryside areas are a target. Yes, crime seems to be rising beyond control everywhere you look in the south coast. The same can be said for other places no doubt and we all need to do our bit to protect our communities. The serious question remains though: How do you go about protecting your business and customers in your local community with limited time and resources?

So what is the answer?

Well, each situation is different and requires different techniques but ever since we started out in the security industry many years ago, we have found certain methods are best for most circumstances.

Here are Veritech’s Top 5 Security Techniques


1) Go wireless

We wrote in our blog last month how dummy CCTV cameras are counter productive to security because experienced criminals can spot if it’s real or not from wiring. Well, now with a wireless alarm control. They simply won’t know and might not risk it.

alarm system for your business

2) Go through the motion . . . detectors

You simply can’t be at your business premises 24/7. Not only can a motion detector protect your business from burglary but you can also keep an eye on vacant properties, avoiding unwanted long-term visitors. Some heat and motion detectors work quite long range too.

3) Bring your insurance premium down

It's simple really. A one-off investment in a security system is going to keep your building and contents insurance much lower. CCTV systems can cost as little as £69 a week but one huge payment could see you paying out far less on a regular basis, no matter which way you look at it.

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4) Looking after your interests.

There are legal benefits to having a security system, especially CCTV because if an employee or customer is the victim of crime, they will require visual evidence to back up any court prosecutions. It is your legal obligation as an employer. It is also great business sense.

5) Linked in

Most security systems can be linked to the local Police authority instantly, so every second an unwelcome intruder is on your business premises, they are a second closer to being captured. You can have your own security staff and spend as much time deterring criminals but once the boys in blue are on the scene, it’s game over.